If you can dream it, you can probably make it.

EPOCH is a Pokemon RP set in the original region of Nue! Focusing on world building and being a giant sandbox for everyone to make their own castles, Nue was built and added by our members. EPOCH operates with no overlying plot so the members are allowed to build their own teams and justice leagues to protect or conquer Nue if they choose, or simply sit aside and enjoy a slice of life style RPing experience. You can venture forth and be the best there ever was, become a professor, a gym leader, or something else entirely! The Legendaries are yours to see and encounter with a story line you can come up with all on your own.

"Welcome to EPOCH! Everything you need to know will be in the Guidebook and PokeDex101!"


Understand We're All Human.

Respect the staffers as well as your fellow members and guests. We all have flaws, tempers and quirks. Be patient with one another, but if issues involving other members come up, please don’t just grin and bear it. Contact a staff member, informing them of what's going on so they can address and resolve the situation. The staff won't know what's bothering you unless you tell them. Do not use EPOCH or the C-box to make threats, spread rumors, bully, oppress, create drama or discuss uncomfortable subjects with your fellow members. Use PM or Skype. Repeat offenders will lose C-box and Forum privileges.

General Rules

No Power Playing, God Modding or Meta-Gaming.

EPOCH is PG-13. Sex; When you get under the clothes, fade to black.
Violence; Do not go into extreme nauseating detail.
Cursing; This is so fucking allowed, but don't go overboard
Suggestive Content; As attractive as some charas may be, not everyone wants to stare at their ass.

The EPOCH DASH will be updated regularly about site happenings, so make sure you check it daily.
EPOCH's Word Count is 150 words for all IC RP posts. In the board Call Me Maybe, members are allowed to use less than the WC. All posts in the Breeding Bazarr must be at least 50 words. If these two boards are abused, dot earning will be disabled on both of them.
Everyone will receive •10 upon having their character approved. For every IC post, you will earn •5 that can be used to purchase items in the shop. The Call Me Maybe board will only earn •2 for every post.
Avatars can be 150 x 150 max while signature graphics can be 350 pixels tall at max.

Imports Guide Civilian & Trainer Guide Breeder Guide Coordinator Guide Team Guide Gym Leader Guide Interpol Guide Pokemon League Guide Character Want Ads Starter Pokemon Submit Application App Template



One Account per Character. The only OOC accounts on board will belong to Staff.

Your account's Display Name should be your character’s name.

All FCs must be Animanga / Original Art. No IRL Face Claims, period.
You can see which FCs have been claimed by checking the Directory.

There is a spot at the bottom of the Application in OOC Info that will look like broken code when posted. That is supposed to be there so that Mods are able to easily add to the Directory and Face Claim list.

Please make sure your history is at least 150 words long. Personality may be list or paragraph format, but lists must have at least 2-3 sentences written for each trait.

EPOCH is not a super power RP site, but we do allow Psychics and Aura Users. However, in order to make a psychic or aura user, you must have the abilities mentioned in their app, even if they are dormant. If you do not do this, you will have to basically start over and go back through the Approval Process in order to incorporate the abilities in your character.

Good to Know

First Timers / Newbies! Make sure you check out the Newbi Nook for a few nice bonuses to help you and your character get started! If you are importing, you may not use the Newbi Nook. Members applying for a Character Class that offers a bonus Pokemon cannot also claim a Newbi Nook Pokemon in addition to the class bonus, but may choose their class bonus Pokemon from the Newbi Nook instead of the starter list.

Classes are not permanent because characters change and sometimes you realize that maybe the class you signed up for isn't all you thought it'd crack up to be. No worries, no matter the class, characters are allowed to change their minds and switch it up if ever need be.

Importers! The hell is an import? Well, it's a character that existed on a previous Pokemon Oriented RP site that has died, or the RPer has chosen to leave, but said RPer wishes to continue using their previous character without losing all their progress.

Pokemon Starters

Every character starts with 2 Pokemon from the Starter List, you pick the Gender, Ability (no hidden abilities), and any 4 moves they can learn naturally from Start to level 50.

Check the character classes for additional bonuses that may apply.

You do not have to start out with Pokemon or the Bonuses if you don't want to.


The minimum age allowed on EPOCH is ten-years-old, except for characters in the Civilian class that may be eight-years-old.

Members are only allowed four characters max, unless they can prove via being highly active within the community that they can handle more than four. In some cases with members showing low activity, staff may ask them to be more active with their other characters before apping more, even if they have not hit the four max limit.

There are no Dex Holders on EPOCH for the time being. This may be subject to change, but as of now, there are no PokeDexes allowed, imported or not.

In order to evenly spread out Titled Positions (Team Leader, Professors, Gym Leaders) amongst members, each member is limited to only being able to claim 2 Titled Positions. If you claim one of these positions, you will be expected to be active with this character. If you are not active with your Title character, that character will lose their title regardless of how active your other characters may be.

If you cause 2+ characters to be archieved because you are unable to post or have caused the RP to reach a stalemate you're going to lose RP privileges. It's not fair to other people for their plots or characters to die because you can't get a move on.

Special Cases


An import is a character that existed on a previous Pokemon Oriented RP site that has died, or the RPe has chosen to leave, but said RPer wishes to continue using their previous character without losing all their progress. You do not have to show proof of your character's previous activity unless asked for it. In such a case, the staff member will ask for a link or screenshots of your character's previous PC for comparison to your application. Importing operates on a trust system, don't ruin it for everyone by abusing it. In order to import your character, please follow these guidelines.

You may change their FC and update their history, but you cannot edit their Pokemon. If you are importing from an Original Region, you may only refer to original regions, teams, and cities vaguely or as relatively unknown places/teams. This is to avoid running into issues of copy right and conflict. EPOCH does not have guns, so please do not have your character bring one with them.

An import may bring with them up to 10 Pokemon, and only half may be rare. Imported Rares cannot breed and should be labelled as unbreedable in the app and in the character's PC.

Make sure to label your imported rares with this image as a quick reference.

Due to EPOCH's rules, Pokemon can only be imported with up to 8 moves, unless you manage to get a Macho Brace. In that case, they may have up to 10 moves.

If your previous site allowed Pokemon to learn moves they do not naturally learn in game, you will have to remove those moves. If this brings your Pokemon's move set below 4 moves you may add natural moves to them until they have a total of 4

Imports will not receive the starting bonus of their chosen Character Class, but they can bring with them their previous inventories, as long as they only bring Items that you see available in the SuperPoke Mart.


Psychics cannot start out stronger than Gym Leader Sabrina, but powers can develop and eventually surpass her's through RP effort.

Telekinesis: Manipulating small objects slightly within a short range.

Telepathy: Cannot read the minds of Pokemon (or will only get chirps, barks, etc.) and must focus to get the fleeting thoughts of others

Empathy: Can easily feel the atmosphere of a room but must focus to get good readings on those around them

Prophet: Can see a few minutes / hours in the future, but no guaranteed results.

Other: Please contact a staff member for details if your power is not listed here.

Please list in the Other Information section of the character's application the limits and restrictions of their abilities.

Psychic Abilities on the board have been limited to 10 characters at a time. They are meant to be rare for a reason. To check out the current number of Psychics on board, please check out the Directory

Psychics with the ability to read minds, predict the future, see into the past, or anything that may effect or involve another character must get the expressed permission of that character's RPer to use the ability beforehand.

Characters with Psychic abilities are capped with a limit of 2 per person. This means you can have either 1 Aura user and 1 Psychic or you can have 2 Psychic characters. Aura users are capped on a board level only allowing 5 of them on EPOCH at one time.

If you are not active with your Ability holding character, that character will lose their ability regardless of how active your other characters may be.

Aura Users

The information for Aura in the Pokemon Adventures is very brief and vague, in order to embellish on that we used Wikipedia for a reference to build upon. You can do a lot with Aura's but you must always remember that you will need to ask permission from your thread mates before using it on them or their Pokemon and that it needs to be mentioned in your Application before hand even if it is dormant and has not awakened yet. Aura users can also show growth and progression through plot training to advance or extend their uses. If any of the abilities change once the App has been submitted or approved you must ask a Staff member for permission.

Aura users on the board have been limited to 5 characters at a time. They are meant to be rare for a reason. To check out the current number of Aura Users on board, please check out the Directory

Aura has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person.

Aura is the same as sound, it can be interrupted by anything that cuts the airspace.

Everything that is posted from this point forward are optional and come with rules of obtaining permission from your thread partners before using, as well as time and distance limits. The possibilities of how you use these are endless to mix, match and make unique to your character. However, we would also like to note that these abilities can, should or could come with side effects or downsides from use.

Ability to read minds and actions of another being. In order for fairness and equality on the board you cannot completely read minds or exact actions of anyone or Pokemon without explicit permission from the parties involved. If they say no and you do it anyway you may end up losing the ability to have Aura on your character. Please play responsibly.

Ability to "sense" other Auras even while blinded. Everyones Aura is unique and different. You're free to detail how this ability works on your character.

Ability to track an Aura belonging to a specific person as long as they have a piece of the Aura to track. You can get creative with this.

Ability to sense other Auras. Unfortunately this is capped with an only within a certain distance or can be narrowed down to specific individuals or Pokemon.

Ability to see the Auras of others. Some people can see the aura other's might not it's up to you on how your character can see, feel or acknowledge it and whether or not there is a downside to being able to.

Aura colors - If the color of the Aura is tinted, the target has little negative intentions. If the color of the Aura is very blackened, the target has many malicious intentions. An Aura’s shade can be anywhere in between.

AURA CAUSES (Taken from Wikipedia)

Auras appear gradually over a number of minutes and generally last fewer than 60 minutes.

Visual effects occur most frequently; they occur in up to 99% of cases

Vision disturbances often consist of a scintillating scotoma (an area of partial alteration in the field of vision which flickers and may interfere with a person's ability to read or drive.)

These typically start near the center of vision and then spread out to the sides with zigzagging lines which have been described as looking like fortifications or walls of a castle. Usually the lines are in black and white but some people also see colored lines. Some people lose part of their field of vision known as hemianopsia while others experience blurring.

Sensory aurae are the second most common type; they occur in 30–40% of people with auras. Often a feeling of pins-and-needles begins on one side in the hand and arm and spreads to the nose-mouth area on the same side. Numbness usually occurs after the tingling has passed with a loss of position sense.

Silent headaches it is difficult to assess the frequency of such cases, because patients who do not experience symptoms severe enough to drive them to seek treatment, may not realise that anything special is happening to them, and pass it off without reporting anything.

Cortical spreading depression, or spreading depression according to Leão, is bursts of neuronal activity followed by a period of inactivity, which is seen in those with migraines with an aura. There are a number of explanations for its occurrence including activation of NMDA receptors leading to calcium entering the cell. After the burst of activity the blood flow to the cerebral cortex in the area affected is decreased for two to six hours. It is believed that when depolarization travels down the underside of the brain, nerves that sense pain in the head and neck are triggered.


Aura triggers are what cause the ability to awaken, react, progress or digress. These triggers are unique to each user and can be hilarious, strange to typical and mundane.

Starter Pokemon

You may only pick 2 starters unless there is a class bonus involved.
If you see a pokemon struck through it means that Pokemon is unavailable.
Rare Pokemon are those listed in the Safari Zone.

010 Caterpie

013 Weedle

016 Pidgey

019 Rattata

021 Spearow

023 Ekans

027 Sandshrew

029 Nidoran (F)

032 Nidoran (M)

037 Vulpix

041 Zubat

043 Oddish

046 Paras

048 Venonat

050 Diglett

052 Meowth

054 Psyduck

056 Mankey

058 Growlith

060 Poliwag

063 Abra

066 Machop

069 Bellsprout

072 Tentacool

074 Geodude

077 Ponyta

079 Slowpoke

081 Magnemite

083 Farfetch'd

084 Doduo

086 Seel

088 Grimer

090 Shellder

092 Gastly

095 Onix

096 Drowzee

098 Krabby

100 Voltorb

102 Exeggcute

104 Cubone

108 Lickitung

109 Koffing

111 Rhyhorn

114 Tangela

116 Horsea

118 Goldeen

120 Staryu

129 Magikarp

161 Sentret

163 Hoothoot

165 Ledyba

167 Spinarak

170 Chinchou

172 Pichu

173 Cleffa

174 Igglybuff

175 Togepi

177 Natu

179 Mareep

187 Hoppip

190 Aipom

191 Sunkern

193 Yanma

194 Wooper

198 Murkrow

200 Misdreavus

203 Girafarig

204 Pineco

206 Dunsparce

207 Gligar

209 Snubbull

211 Qwilfish

213 Shuckle

215 Sneasel

216 Teddiursa

218 Slugma

220 Swinub

222 Corsola

223 Remoraid

225 Delibird

228 Houndour

231 Phanpy

234 Stantler

235 Smeargle

236 Tyrogue

238 Smoochum

239 Elekid

240 Magby

241 Miltank

261 Poochyena

263 Zigzagoon

265 Wurmple

270 Lotad

273 Seedot

276 Tailow

278 Wingull

280 Ralts

283 Surskit

261 Shroomish

287 Slakoth

290 Nincada

293 Whismur

296 Makuhita

298 Azurill

299 Nosepass

300 Skitty

302 Sableye

303 Mawile

304 Aron

307 Meditite

309 Electrike

311 Plusle

312 Minun

313 Volbeat

314 Illumise

316 Gulpin

318 Carvanha

320 Wailmer

322 Numel

324 Torkoal

325 Spoink

327 Spinda

328 Trapinch

331 Cacnea

333 Swablu

335 Zangoose

336 Seviper

337 Lunatone

338 Solrock

339 Barboach

341 Corphish

343 Baltoy

349 Feebas

352 Kecleon

353 Shuppet

355 Duskull

357 Tropius

359 Absol

360 Wynaut

361 Snorunt

363 Spheal

366 Clamperl

369 Relicanth

370 Luvdisc

396 Starly

399 Bidoof

401 Kricketot

403 Shinx

406 Budew

412 Burmy

415 Combee

417 Pachirisu

418 Buizel

420 Cherubi

422 Shellos

425 Drifloon

427 Buneary

431 Glameow

433 Chingling

434 Stunky

436 Bronzor

438 Bonsly

439 Mime Jr.

440 Happiny

441 Chatot

446 Munchlax

449 Hippopotas

451 Skorupi

453 Croagunk

456 Finneon

458 Mantyke

459 Snover

504 Patrat

506 Lillipup

509 Purrloin

517 Munna

519 Pidove

522 Blitzle

524 Roggenrola

527 Woobat

531 Audino

532 Timburr

535 Tympole

538 Throh

539 Sawk

540 Sewaddle

543 Venipede

546 Cottonee

548 Petilil

550 Basculin

551 Sandile

554 Darumaka

556 Maractus

557 Dwebble

559 Scraggy

561 Sigilyph

562 Yamask

568 Trubbish

572 Minccino

574 Gothita

577 Solosis

580 Ducklett

582 Vanillite

585 Deerling

587 Emolga

588 Karrablast

590 Foongus

592 Frillish

594 Alomomola

595 Joltik

597 Ferroseed

599 Klink

602 Tynamo

605 Elgyem

607 Litwick

613 Cubchoo

616 Shelmet

618 Stunfisk

619 Meinfoo

622 Golett

624 Pawniard

627 Rufflet

629 Vullaby

632 Durant

659 Bunnelby

661 Fletchling

664 Scatterbug

667 Litleo

669 Flabebe

672 Skiddo

674 Pancham

676 Furfrou

677 Espurr

679 Honedge

682 Spritzee

684 Swirlix

686 Inkay

688 Binacle

692 Skrelp

692 Clauncher

694 Helioptile

702 Dedenne

703 Carbink

707 Klefki

708 Phantump

710 Pumpkaboo

712 Bergmite



For those uninterested in battles, coordinating, breeding or just not sure where you wish to go in life, welcome to the Civilian Character class. Civilians are your every day folk you see wandering around the cities and no two are ever alike. Some may be tough punks or gentle florists...Or tough florists and gentle punks, the choice is yours to make.

Some can be involved with the League or Interpol or even one of the Teams, but prefer to stick to their unaffiliated title rather than dedicating their full time to these groups. They have a variety of jobs and hobbies that are not focused on Pokemon, even if some jobs may involve Pokemon.

Class Bonus

2 Pokeballs


The most famous title to be found in the Pokemon world, Trainers are those who invest all their dots into battling, catching and collecting them all. Some do it for the sport, some do it for the money, and some just like the adventure and discovery. Training is more than just hitting each other until someone drops - it's a test of bond and strategy.

Many trainers have actually turned training into a business, offering to catch and train Pokemon for others for the right price of course! From Type Specialists, to Style Specialists, trainers come in all shapes and sizes, with their own strategies that'll leave the competition on the edge of their seats.

Class Bonus

6 Pokeballs

2 TM/HMs 50 Base Power or less or Status Moves

Make sure to add your two TM/HMs as a fifth move to your two starter's move sets


Baby making: if you're about the love life boy do I have the class for you. Breeders are amongst EPOCH's wealthier classes but they also have to take on a lot of OOC responsibility in maintaining their farms and collecting valuable Pokemon for the masses. A profitable class, but it's not the easiest to maintain.

To learn the art of breeding, check out the guide in the PokeDex101.

Golden Egg Society

All Breeders are a part of the Golden Egg Society (G.E.S.), which is basically just the League for Breeders. With the G.E.S. in play, it allows all breeders to be able to contact other breeders, or make it easier for trainers to track down certain farms ICly. This makes it a fair bit easier to explain how Chara A found Chara B.

Members are free to use the G.E.S. as the means of hosting events, conventions and competitions to promote breeding of various kinds with their own prizes and goodies for participation.

Breeding Farms

After being approved, Breeders will need to set up their Farm in the Breeders Bazaar. You will be free to name it, decide your farm's location within Nue, describe it's setting, choose the prices for eggs, haggle, affiliate, etc. Your farm is your business.

Posting within the Breeders Bazaar also awards you •5, but you must post at least 50 words or more of IC transactions with other characters.

Any breeder that does nothing but breed and never actually plots with other characters will have their farm temporairly shut down.

Class Bonus

Starter Pokemon must be of the Opposite Sex and from the Same Egg Group
You may start with a Baby Pokemon that evolves into the Same Egg Group as your other Pokemon.


Don't let the glitter scare you away! Coordinators are far more than just your overly dramatic celebrities. They are forces to be reckoned with. Experts of control, grace and beauty, a Coordinator has taken the raw power of their Pokemon and created masterpieces for your viewing pleasure. Not just feminine pop singers, but rock, country, even metal and more, with specialists ranging from Fairy to Ghost types! Cast aside your assumptions and enjoy the show, boys and girls. It's time for the Coordinators to rock your motherfudging worlds.


Diverting from the games and taking minor influence from the anime, EPOCH Contests promote creativity and originality. Taking course over three to four IC days, Contests are made up of three to four different rounds: Appeals, Battles, Performance, and an optional Grand Finale where the winners are announced.

Appeals are the time in which a coordinator will introduce themselves and try to initially capture the judges' attention. Battles will be a case of trying to blow the competition away with beauty and grace within the time limit - but even if you lose the battle, you can win the Contest. Finally the Performance is basically taking a song relating to the Contest's focus and creating a show around it.

Members are allowed to host their own Contests when Staff are too busy, and for any of those interested or needing more details on Contests, you can check out the Contest Guide posted here!

Class Bonus

2 Luxury Balls

1 Shiny Spritz

1 Prop Chest

1 TM/HM 50 Base Power or less or Status Moves

Make sure to add your TM/HM as a fifth move to your starter's move set



Class Description

The Pokemon League is amongst one of the biggest non-profit organizations within the Pokemon world. In charge of not only researching, but protecting Pokemon as well, the group is far more involved with trainers, breeders and coordinators than any other Law Enforcement organization. Making sure Breeders have the proper paper work, permits and that trainers aren't over exerting their Pokemon and no one is abusing them in general, the League creates order for a highly active and involved community.

While keeping things in order and making sure everyone behaves, the Pokemon League is responsible for researching and learning more about the hundreds of Pokemon that live in the world around us. With the esteemed Professors and researchers working hard in labs and out on the field, the League is a definite go to for any knowledge you may need regarding Pokemon.


With the Leagues being the officials on everything Pokemon, it would only make sense for them to be the ones in charge of hosting the Battle Tournaments. When EPOCH Staff is simply too busy to add more to the plate, the League officials have the ability to tackle the task of setting up these Tournaments to give trainers, or anyone really something to do. Picking the location, the challenges, rules, and setting up the contenders, making sure everyone is having fun and fighting fair, they run the show with staff's help on the sidelines. The League can decide the prizes and awards for winning and participating within the Tournament, it's all just for fun in the long run, though.


If you are simply a member of the League, but are not a Ranger, Professor or Gym Leader, you will be given this Bonus instead.

3 Pokeballs

1 TM/HM of 50 Base Power or Status

Make sure to add your TM/HM as a fifth move to your starter's move set


Job Description

Much like the Park Rangers in National Parks, Pokemon League Rangers are people obligated to protect both Wild Life and Nature alike. Ensuring people treat Pokemon right, they act as the protectors and saviors for the Pokemon unable to stand up to their abusive caregivers. Ontop of intervening in abusive situations, Rangers also make sure that the Wild Pokemon of the world are treated fairly as well as their environment. Looking at you litter bugs! Often helping lost travellers on the side as well, the Rangers of the League may be geared towards protecting Pokemon Rights, but they're also more than happy to help their fellow humans as well.


2 Pokeballs

2 Repel

1 Escape Rope

1 TM/HM of 50 Base Power or Status

Make sure to add your TM/HM as a fifth move to your starter's move set


Job Description

Perhaps the most respected and famous members of the League, Pokemon Professors are the true experts here. From studying fossils, to studying sound or just specific types of Pokemon, the Professors are knowledgeable individuals that are always learning and always working. There aren't many that are able to reach the title of Professor and not even that many Professors have acess to the PokeDexes they may hand out to their Assisstants or trusted persons.

There are only 3 Original Professors allowed to pass out PokeDexes at a time, and with such limited openings, all Professors are expected to be highly active or risk losing their PokeDex privilieges, and/or simply being permanently turned into just another member of the League.

Similar to breeders, Professors are allowed 1 Breeding Slot per week, which will rise to the Professor's max of 2 Breeding Slots once they have had 15 Successful Breedings.

Title Position Bonus

1 Evo Serum

3 PokeDex (Optional)

1 TM/HM of 50 Base Power or Status

Make sure to add your TM/HM as a fifth move to your starter's move set


Dexes are still INCOMPLETE there will be an Announcement when Ready. Thank you.

There are a total of 9 Pokedexes available on EPOCH. These Pokedexes can only be obtained ICly through Professors who carry them or can give them out.

The number of IC Dex Holding Professors on the board is capped at 3-4. A Dex holding Professor has 3 Pokexes available to them. However, they do not have to accept the full amount and must note in their lab information and inform the Staff as to whether or not they will carry Pokedexs and how many.

The Dex is to eventually contain the 700+ Pokemon available including the following: All Evolution Stages, Egg Move barring mon, and the few famous Pokemon on the board that deserve mention. This also includes all Shiny's and Custom colored who will be considered the "Rares" and genetic defects. 

Dex Stipulations

The goal of the Pokedex and its limitations is to keep the Dex moving around amongst the members while providing plot and obtaining information to fill it out.

You cannot be a Dex holding Professor and give one of your own characters a Pokedex. When handing out Pokedex it is vital that there is to be no favoritism and the reasons for obtaining the Pokdex are plot based and not just because they want one. 

Professors do not have to carry a Pokedex but are required, along with any League member, to help maintain the Pokedex board.

A Dex Holder may only submit 10 to 12 Pokemon at a time, then must hand the Dex back to the Professor. Afterwards, they may plot to get their hands on the Dex again to submit more, but if someone has been waiting for a turn to have a PokeDex, they will be required to wait for that person to have their chance with the Dex first.

Non - Dex Holders can submit 3-5 Pokemon per Month. 2 Wild Pokemon + 1 of their own or 5 and have 3 Wild + 2 owned

Professors are the only ones with infinite submission ability.

There are no battle advantages to having a Pokedex. It's strictly a knowledge lending and recording device.

Dex availability will fluctuate with the member base. 60+ will have 9 Dexes available. 30+ will have 6 while 15+ and below will have 3. If we eventually make it up to 100+ the Dex count will increase to 12.



All Dex submissions will be done either by a Professor or the individual submitting the form.

Professor and League members are responsible for checking over the forms to be sure they are filled out properly.

One or two @tags should be on the submission form. One being the Professor or League who checked over it, the other being the one who the Pokemon belongs to. There may only be one tag if it's from the Professor themselves.

Please use the properly colored form when submitting your Pokemon to the Pokedex board.

  • Black - Normal
  • Green - Egg Moves
  • Gold - Famous
  • Red - Shiny
  • Navy/Light Blue- Custom Colored


Professors are the only ones with infinite submission ability and must submit monthly entries in order to receive a paycheck.

Current Professors

Arthur Symphonia; Paleontology
Not Using PokeDexes

Bailey Finnigan; Acoustics
Using PokeDexes

NPC Otto Terraria; Pedology
Not Using PokeDexes

Denise Williams; Genetics
Not Using PokeDexes

Research Facilities

Within the region of Nue, the main Pokemon League Research Facility had recently been moved to the city of Bosky Hamlet. However, while the main research head quarters is located within this area, Professors do not have to create their labs there. Professors are allowed to set up their own personal research facility anywhere within the Nue Region in any way that suits them and their researching needs.

The Labs are free to offer any kind of services to the community, such as offering lessons on subjects related to their research and lectures about the things they've learned to interested persons.

Professor Assistants

Not nearly as limited as Professors, those who are interested in eventually becoming a Professor will typically start out as an assistant to either one of the established Professors or a Professor NPC. Assistants are basically the gophers and helpers for their designated professors, running around collecting Pokemon, items and more for their employers. However, it is typically frowned upon to use your assistants as your lab rat, please do not experiment on them.

If a Professor would rather not work with an assistant, they are free to decline any offer made regarding the position.



Job Description

EPOCH's Nue region offers not just eight, but all 18 types to choose from in regards to which gym you can create. If there is no name listed beside the type to the right of this section, the type is currently open and free to claim! You are free to design you gyms however you wish, as long as you are fair about it.

Gym Leaders are expected to be active or risk having their gyms shut down and title lost. Any Gym Leader that stops logging in or does not post for a two week period will receive a PM warning them that if they do not post or log in, they run the risk of losing their title. After approximately four weeks, accounts that have not been logged in at all will be deleted during the monthy updates. Any Gym Leaders that have not posted within the previous four weeks will lose their title and will have to increase their activity before it can be given back.

For those who have already created a character under a different class that wishes to become a Gym Leader, your character must head to Bosky Hamlet, where the Pokemon League Head Quarters is currently located, and request permission to take the Gym Leader Exam. The Gym Leader Exam will be a 6 vs 6, Single Battles that allow Substutions against either an already well-established Gym Leader, or NPC played by one of the staff members or Battle Coaches. In order to pass this exam, you must wipe out the Exam Proctor's entire team without letting more than two of your Pokemon faint. The moment the third Pokemon has fainted, you have failed the exam.

Title Position Bonus

4 Starter Pokemon

1 Can Be Fully Evolved

1 Can Be Rare

All Pokemon must be the Same Type or evolve into the Same Type as your Gym. Yes, the rare can be the Fully Evolved Pokemon as well if you wish.


For when the main Gym Leader is simply too busy, or perhaps this is just the gym's style, a Co-Leader is welcome to step up to bat and act as the de facto Gym Leader. Pretty much on par with their co-workers, a Co-Leader is definitely a good aid for the more popular gyms. Taking over Challenges when the leader's too busy, helping with training or dealing with the community, a Co-Leader has just as much responsibility as the Gym Leader.

While Co-Leaders are a nice option to have, however, not every Gym Leader wants one, which is okay. If you are interested in becoming a Gym Leader's Co-Leader, you will need to ask for their permission first.

Co-Leaders Bonus

4 Starter Pokemon

1 Can Be Fully Evolved

1 Can Be Rare

All Pokemon must be the Same Type or evolve into the Same Type as the Gym they plan to Co-Lead. Yes, the rare can be the Fully Evolved Pokemon as well if you wish.


Available Gyms

For a list of all the gyms that are currently taken, please check out the Directory for details. If the type you want is taken, feel free to contact the current Gym Leader about becoming their designated Co-Leader.

Gym Creation

So you're a Gym Leader huh? Well, welcome to the League kid! Now that you've been approved, the first thing you need to do is get your gym set up. To begin, figure out where you want to set up your gym in Nue. Each city's board has a thread with the city's information in it and a tab that shows which Gyms are currently there or suggestions for potential types within that area. Please try to keep the Gyms evenly spread throughout the region by not adding onto a city that already has around 2 to 3 Gyms in it. Once you've picked your location, you will need to make a thread in that city's board describing the details of your gym.

When creating your gym, you will need to explain to potential challengers the rules they are expected to follow. Will they have to conquer some sort of obstacle before reaching the Gym Leader? Is the gym limited to a certain battle style? Where is you gym located? How does it effect the surrounding community? There's a lot of ways to go about designing your gym to make it all your own.

Keep in mind a few guidelines for when you are designing your gym though, such as... Gym Leaders cannot limit challengers to being only allowed to use certain types, have to pay to challenge them, and other things of this nature. They can however force their challengers to overcome some sort of obstacle before approaching them for their battles.

When it comes to their Challengers, a Gym Leader cannot deny a challenge to their Gym unless they already have at least two other challenges ongoing at the time of the request for battle. Newly apped Gym Leaders can invoke a grace period where they cannot be challenged for four weeks, since application approval. They are also allowed to give badges to challengers whom they feel have earned it even if the person did not win.

Gym Leaders can only use Mega evolutions if their challengers use it in official battles.

After you have created your gym, fill out the code in this thread to have it added to the City's Info Post.


Job Description

The only position within the League that you have to earn through IC Effort, EPOCH'S Battle Coaches are those who have the best understanding of EPOCH's OOC battle guidelines and are willing to teach other members the art of combat. This can either be an IC title - in which case a character will typically but not always be part of the League and officially teach other characters in threads how to battle - or an OOC title in which you help explain to others what they need to work on and clear the confusion they may have regarding some of EPOCH's rulings.

The Battle Coach Board is located here.


Battle Coach characters are free to handle their students in whatever way they feel necessary. Whether it be sending them on their own personal missions, battling them until they get it right, or using more formal means, each Battle Coach will have their own teaching style.

If need be, a Battle Coach that is very dedicated to their job is permitted to establish a Training Facility where ever they wish within the Nue Region by simply filling out an Area of Interest template.

Battle Coaches are also free to actually have their students fight each other in a make-shift Tournament for awesome prizes and tests of progress.

OOC Battle Coaches

All Battle Coaches will take on OOC duties, whether or not they have a character ICly with the Battle Coach title. Their OOC duties include clearing any confusion members may have regarding the PokeDex 101, alerting staff when there needs to be a new ruling added to the PokeDex 101, making sure everyone is fighting fair and playing by the rules. They are the unbias observers that will call bullshit when they see it.

For anyone who is concerned regarding whether or not your opponent is fighting fair, or you're just sour because you're losing, you are free to call in the Battle Coaches to have them review the battle to determine whether or not something foul is at play and point it out. Depending on their rulings, they will instruct you on how to proceed if possible.



Class Description

The goal of the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) is to protect the world from both Teams and individuals deemed to be exceptionally dangerous to the public interest. Through means that abide by international law and strive to maintain peace, the ICPO is dedicated to capturing all criminals who dare to threaten the well-being of the people of both their regions and the world.

With a variety of hardworkers in their ranks, the ICPO or Interpol, has tons of job openings for both field agents and those that just wish to stay back in HQ to work on gear and paperwork. While allowing action movie sequences if you must, Interpol agents also have demonstrated a very much slice of life style within the office for those that just want a laid back setting with the occasional bad ass moments.

For more information on Interpol, you can check out their board here.


1 Extra Starter

This can either be from the Starter List, or one of the Pokemon in the Interpol PC. If you take from the Interpol PC, please clarify in your App and post in the PC which Pokemon you've claimed.

However, if you wish to join Interpol as a Coordinator, too, you may choose their starter bonus instead.


Interpol has jurisdiction over a wide variety of crimes, which generally fall into two central categories: Anti-Team security and interregional crime.

Team-related cases can cover operations within a region, and can sometimes overlap with the duties of the League and local law enforcement, but with Interpol's recent boom their authority over such crimes has been greatly expanded. If a Team is confirmed or suspected to be behind a crime, there is a high likelihood that Interpol will be called in to take over the investigation.

Interregional crime covers any case that has cross-region implications, that though may involve Pokemon, do not have Pokemon as the main concern. For example, while Interpol would have jurisdiction over a human smuggling operation, the League would have primary jurisdiction over Pokemon smuggling. (Though if a Team is behind it, there may be a conflict over who becomes the primary investigator.) Any crime that crosses regional borders has a potential to be picked up by Interpol, including murder cases, kidnappings, theft, and cyber crime. Organized crime involving syndicates also often falls under their purview. If a suspect in a case flees to another region, or traveled between regions to commit a crime, Interpol can potentially become invovled.

Interpol does not have jurisdiction over purely local cases, unless invited by local law enforcement. Interpol has specialized units that deal with crimes such as art theft and serial killings, and these are among the likely local cases for Interpol to be called in on.



Agents will start out as either Rank B or Rank C, depending on whether they are a Field Agent or Tech Guru.

If you are interested in joining as a higher rank out of the get-go, you will have to contact Engel Werner for special permission. Be sure to explain why you believe the character deserves a higher position, and why it’s important for your plot that they start out as such. Keep in mind, not all requests for starting out as a higher position will be approved.

New Characters

To those interested in joining the ranks of Interpol, there are two ways to go about it. Either approach Interpol, or wait for them to approach you, as Interpol is always on the look for potential. Recruiters are often sent out far and wide to anyone with a special set of skills that could prove useful to Interpol's goals. These skills can vary from prodigy trainers to top notch scientists and inventors that have not been scooped up by the League. Professional hackers are probably more often than not subjected to this kind of recruitment because, if you can't beat them, ask them to join you for nice benefits!

Approved Characters

Approved Characters in this instance are characters that have been Approved already by staff, but started out in completely different classes (Trainers, Coordinators, Pokémon League, etc.) In order to keep everything organized, as keeping track of all the Interpol Agents is important to this group that focuses very much on team work, all recruiting plots should be PMed to Engel Werner for approval.

Double Agents

While double agents are allowed, they will be monitored closely to ensure they don’t totally power play the system. Keep in mind also, that you will have to explain how your character managed to get recruited without setting off red flags within the system or covered up any of their criminal affiliation.

Getting Promoted

Promotion are given by Commanders, Officers, and the Director and will be based on individual ability and activity within the team. The more active and productive you are, the more likely you will be considered for promotions.

You may contact Engel Werner to express interest in plotting your advancements through the Interpol ranks.


These can be found in the Mission Thread on Interpol's personal board. These missions can be used to provide proof for promotions, earn dots, items, plot, or just killing some time.

Agents of Interpol are free to suggest their own missions to be added to this list as well and send them to Engel Werner to be added to the list.




Primarily situated behind the scenes and off the field, Interpol's Technicians do almost all of their work from the safety and comforts of the labs and offices within the HQ. Technicians also present an arrange of skills and specializations that allow for a wide variety within this rank. Computer consultants, ex-hackers, security maintenance, inventors, forensic scientists, and more are all in charge of dealing with the more technical aspects of Interpol. Despite the very rare chance to be out on the field like action heroes, their roles are integral to keep Interpol from falling behind in terms of technology and information. Without Technicians helping keeping gear up to date, repaired, or making sure computers are operating properly, files are kept out of the wrong hands, and the building as a whole is secure, Interpol would surely fall apart rather quickly.


The Jacks of All Trade of Interpol, no two Agents are alike and every single one of them is important to help keep the system moving. Agents offer up just as much of a variety of skill as the Technicians that are of equal rank to them, the main difference is the fact Agents are out on the field, while Technicians stay in the labs. From specializing in tracking, to focusing on infiltration, Agents aren't just out there to kick ass and take names - though that is a big part of it - but they help cover a lot of ground in forms of security, investigation, finding missing persons, locating felons, and so on. Some may not even be great fighters, preferring to focus on perhaps more social aspects like negotiation or talking the talk to get the intel they need. Many Agents also sport a strategic mind set, but those that are more brutish are still very much needed and welcomed in those situations where kicking ass is rather necessary.


The single rank between Agent and Commander status, Senior Agents take on the important role of training and helping new Agents figure out the system by which Interpol operates by. Reporting directly to the Commander of their unit with the status of their Agents, Senior Agents are a key role in helping keep the system properly flowing. Recruit training is not the only role for Senior Agents though, as many also take on the job of leader when a Commander is not present. Leading groups of Agents through missions of varying levels of difficulty, they tend to see the field of action far more than the Commander they report to. Senior Agents more often than not are paired with rookies on their first couple of missions to review their work on the field and determine when or if they are fit for solo work. Beyond group and recruit work, Senior Agents also take on solo missions if they wish. An Agent's preference towards Solo or Group work can be important in regards to where they go after becoming a Senior Agent, along with whether or not they decide to pursue the higher ranks.


Technicians that have excelled in their field and contributed a significant amount to Interpol's progress have earned the title of Officer. Reporting only directly to the Director, they are on par with Commanders and Special Agents, and help keep the Director up to date on the technical side of Interpol's status. In charge of their specific areas of expertise behind the scenes, they help maintain the Forensic Labs, Equipment Crew, and Garage of the Interpol HQ and ensure that every agent is using up the most current or efficient gear available. Officers rarely if ever enter the field and are mostly seen within the HQ. Over seeing the experiments of field equipment, approving of designs and ideas for new gear and programs, Officers make sure the labs don't go boom as result of the Technicians hard at work. They also ensure that Interpol's Security and Classified information remains locked away from public eye and unwelcomed eyes. Taking care of the security system of Interpol's network and HQ, their most important section of the HQ is also the most secure section, the Vault.


Handling the more action oriented front of Interpol, Commanders are in charge of keeping a watchful eye over the Senior Agent and Agent ranks. Reporting directly to the Director, Commanders are in charge of handing out the jobs and cases from the man in charge to agents they believe are best suited for it. They work closely with the lower ranks as they are expected to over see them and ensure that every agent is prepared for the dangers that come with working on the field. While Commanders do not handle training recruits, they have the power to determine whether or not an Agent needs further teaching or not. With the task to ensure every agent is prepared for the field, following guidelines, and keeping up with any changes made within Interpol, Commanders are some of the most commonly seen faces amongst the higher ranks. After every mission Senior Agents and Agents alike are expected to write a report that summarizes what took place over the course of their mission, and each file must be reviewed by their corresponding Commander. Since they are more along the lines of supervisors rather than agents, Commanders only find themselves on the field when they are handed top priority or high risk missions.


Unlike Commanders and Officers, while on par with them in term of ranking, Special Agents are mostly considered the lone wolves of Interpol. These men and women are seemingly a mystery to their fellow agents, as most - if not all - of their work is considered Classified. Rather than sending reports in to be reviewed by Commanders, Special Agents send their completed summaries to the Director for review. Usually working solo, minus a designated Commander that they send status updates to, Special Agents are amongst the most skilled and capable that Interpol has to offer. They do not typically get short term jobs, but can be on missions that may last months at a time. With the length of their jobs, Special Agents are amongst the most rare to encounter within the HQ out of the three higher ranks. Working under cover, infiltrating potential criminal territory, gathering information off the streets, hunting down and taking down potential threats, and more, Special Agents are expected to handle some of the most dangerous and questionable missions that Interpol has to offer.


The person in charge of it all, the Director is a rarely seen figure among the lower ranks, and will usually speak only with the Commanders, Officers and Special Agents. Maintaining the system by which Interpol operates by, the Director has the ultimate say in how the group enforces the laws the region is obligated to follow. Establishing training schedules, setting the code of conduct and ensuring it is maintained, the Director brings order to the group and ensures no one, even in the lowest of ranks, is running around like a chicken without a head. They make the tough calls, dictate which Commaner and which Officer will be handling what portion of Nue or what tasks they will need to assign to their individual Agents and Senior Agents. Even if he is mostly in charge of business and political aspects for Interpol, the moment the Director is involved in any actual field work is when you know there is serious trouble lurking out there.



Class Description

While not every Team is necessarily evil, in the context of Pokemon, Team and Evil typically goes hand-in-hand. With EPOCH, we are an original Pokemon RP site, but the canon teams still exist with the backstories that have been established in the Pokemon Adventures manga series and Team Cipher's actions within the GameCube games. You can get the details of their activities on Bulbapedia to save you some time. As it stands, almost all canon teams have been disbanded which means, you are free to rebuild them from the ground up however you want. Members are free to control any of the Canon Teams, or just make their own, to begin their own diabolic take overs of the Nue region. This is your story to tell, and your evil echeme to see through, don't let anyone stand in your way.


1 Extra Starter

This can either be from the Starter List, or one of the Pokemon in your team's potentially established PC. If you take from the Team PC, please clarify in your App and post in the PC which Pokemon you've claimed.



Rocket, Magma, Cipher, Galatic, Plasma, and Flare


Aqua; Clean Up Pollution & Gain Power Within Nue

In order to be added to the Active List, each Team must have at least 3 Members that are actively participating on the Forum.


For those that are joining Active Teams you will almost always start out as a Agent / Grunt position, unless you have expressed permission from the Team's Boss to start out within a higher rank. If an Active Team Boss wishes, they also have the right to deny any character apps for their Team they do not approve of if they feel the character does not fit within their team.

Team Leaders, in case of inactivity or disappearance, should have a Co-leader who can approve of Applications in their absence.

For those that are joining Inactive Canon Teams, if you have plans to basically start rebuilding the team from scratch and become the next leader, you may apply as your team's defacto leader. Once your app has been approved, you may begin to fill the team's board with your own ideas and plans regarding the team's new objectives and plots to help in the recruiting process.


So, you want to create your own team? Awesome! Well firstly, in order to even be considered a team and have the right to request your own Member Group and Team Board, you will need at least three active characters played by three different RPers in your Team. Once you have met your basic three member requirement, the rest is essentially up to you. Upon the Team's Creation, you and your two partners will be expected to choose who is the leader of your Team and the others may instantly rise to the higher end ranks of your Team if they wish since they are a part of the original trio that made it.

Once your Member Group and Team Board is made you need to post up information about your Team so all of your Team members knows what is their objective or goals, where they are located within Nue, the rules and code of conduct they are expected to follow, is there uniforms, etc. You can begin to build a Team PC that other members can store Pokemon in or withdraw Pokemon from.




While double agents are allowed, they will be monitored closely to ensure they don’t totally power play the system. Keep in mind also, that you will have to explain how your character managed to get recruited without setting off red flags within the system or covered up any of their criminal affiliation. They will be listed under the team they have infiltrated and ranked just like everyone else, but will have ties of course to another group.


Agents / Grunts provide the bulk of a Team’s strength and ability in the field and are usually partnered up, often working under the supervision of a Commander or Officer. They tend to do most of the labor, but there would be no Team without their efforts.


Special Agents are either individuals, groups or duo's who function flawlessly in the field. They mean business and stuff gets done when they're involved with miminal failure earning them their own niche of privlieges within the hiearchy.


Spies, Scientists, Professors, Medics that work for the Team either at the H.Q. or their own business. They are often used as personal agents to Officers, Commanders and Bosses. Armed with very specific skill sets they are used to complete jobs that normal forces or approaches aren’t well suited for. They often answer only to a Team’s Boss, but can be assigned to work under a Commander or Officer if needed.


A Team’s field Commander oversees Agents during the more important operations and missions. They are strong trainers in their own right and answer directly to a Team’s Boss. They are the ones that keep the Agents in line and well trained.


Officers are the more logistically minded individuals. They are of equal rank to Commanders, but often act behind the scenes. Many of these individuals have little skill in battling and instead place their efforts into keeping the Team organized, dictating assignments and orchestrating set-ups and missions to accomplish the Team's goals.


The leader of each Team, Bosses are very powerful, charismatic, and respected leaders who's skill is on par with the Elite Four. Their word is law within their organizations.

Getting Promoted

In order to be considered for a Promotion, individual Active Teams' leaders are allowed to handle Promotions as they please, but the default means of being considered for a promotion will be as follow:

4 Evolved Pokemon

2 Successful Missions



Once a team has been considered Active, they will be allowed to set up their own Missions thread within their Team board for their grunts and agents to take on and help them work towards their overall goal or kill some time. The Team Leader will be in charge of keeping the thread up to date. A Mod Summons must be posted to have your Missions reviewed, but if the summons is deleted with nothing posted from the staff, you're good to go. The Staff will post if there is an issue.


In order for any Active Team to recruit NPCs, they must create a Mission specifically for this purpose, or create a story of their own that explains how and why a NPC chose to join their ranks. Inactive Teams will be handled in the same manner, but cannot rely on NPCs to make up their entire team. Inactive Teams should focus on gaining actual member made characters then NPC's.

NPCs may be specialists of sorts ranging from hacking, to battling, to infiltration, and more. Each team needs to make a list of NPCs for their team that includes a link to where that NPC was recruited and have said list approved by a Staff member before they can use these NPCs. However, NPCs used to for simple things such as breeding transactions or just catching and training Pokemon will not need approval.


An Active Team may use the Area of Interest template to build and establish their Team Hide Out anywhere within Nue. They'll need to cover the location, how they afforded the place, the details of the interior, mention security, and mention if and how they effect the surrounding community.


As an important thing to keep in mind, and to save yourself a few headaches, all teams should have a thread that covers what is public and private knowledge regarding them. This thread can also be used to mention specific people who may know more or less than the general public and to track persons of interest. People are to request plotting with you to earn knowledge about you, and you may deny them, but if they run around with the knowledge anyways or express knowing things they ICly shouldn't, please contact a Staff Member to address the issue.


Post your mod summons here and link us to it! Evolution requests or lengthy requests should be linked from Lengthy Requests or Evo Requests.
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