Welcome to the Pokedex 101

Here is where you will learn about EPOCH's mechanics from Catching, Training, Breeding, Evolving, Battling and details of certian Pokemon and how their types work on EPOCH.

The Pokemart

EPOCH Pokemart is where you will buy the items you need in order to catch, evolve, train, and paint your Pokemon. The shop has gone through several upgrades, downgrades and glitches. The staff are not in control of the special plug-in's that allow the board to do this. Which put a damper on many neat features we used to have such as automatic removal of an item when used and the ability to send items one at time as gifts to one another.

The new shop is slowly getting better features but we rely heavily on member honesty and the Receipt system. You can gift someone items or funds but you are unable to gift them individually. So if you have 5 pokeballs you cannot gift just one to a friend. All 5 of them will be given.



Golden Rule Treat others as you wish to be treated. If you find yourself content with being an asshole EPOCH and its members will not tolerate you.

✔ You trust the Staff to be fair and honest with you and not play favorites. The staff in turn trust you to be honest with them and not cheat or lie.

✔ Keep EPOCH and its C-box and IC box clean and kind. Creating the kind of atmosphere you want to be in. Use the Mod summons and Suggestions board liberally to let Staff know what you want or need.


In order to Catch a Pokemon on EPOCH you must do the following:

✹ Click on Wild Spawn to find out what terrain your pokemon of choice is located in. Explore the boards Area's of Interest and Ruin Runs that host their own spawn lists or you can catch offered Pokemon in Missions found under the BUSINESS tab.

✹ Post your Catch thread in the proper Terrain location.

✹ Go to the ★ MOD Summon shoutbox to have a Pokemon Spawned. This includes the Safari Zone

✹ Post the reason, terrian and location along with a link to your catch thread and let us know if it's a Modded or Solo spawn request.

Catching Options X 3

Solo: Where players can either control both their actions and those of the wild Pokemon before requesting a Mod to confirm the capture.

Modded: Where a moderator RP's as the wild Pokemon. Modded is a slower method of obtaining a Pokemon, and if a moderator is requested to RP as the wild Pokemon we ask that you be patient.

Multi Catch: Where you may capture more than one pokemon in a catch thread. Make sure you have enough pokeballs in your inventory. You can only capture up to 4 pokemon per thread if you do this.

Friends & Groups

On EPOCH you don't have to go Pokemon catching alone! You can bring a friend or go in a group. For Safari Zone "group" catches both individuals need to buy a tag if you go with a friend.

The only thing staff asks is if you do a multi-person catch thread that you DO NOT fight over the Pokemon Spawned of who gets it. If an OOC fight breaks out we will remove the option from the boards.

Horde Encounters

Horde DO NOT COUNT in MULTI CATCH. Hordes are randomly generated via RNG and count as 4 rolls in the catch thread and end it if you chose to capture a pokemon from it.
You can capture an entire horde if you have the Pokeballs.

Evolved Pokemon can only be caught if you encounter a horde and have purchased the proper amount of Ultra Balls from the Pokemart.

What Counts & FYI's

Characters are allowed a maximum of 12 Catches per month, but cannot be in more than one catch thread at a time.

Safari Zone catches can only be done twice a month and count as two of your 12 catches.

Catch of the Week also known as Swarms do not count towards the twelve monthly catches.Safari catches Do. You may only interact with a Swarm if you are attempting a capture. You many only catch a max limit of three swarm pokemon per character.

If you're in a Group Catching Thread, but your partner has stopped posting for 3 days, you're allowed to make another SOLO catching thread.

✔ You may avoid interacting with the first three Pokemon you encounter - by the fourth Pokemon, though, the player must either catch it or leave the thread empty handed.

✔ Pokemon can and will break free of their ball if they aren't sufficiently weakened beforehand. If they escape, you are free to attempt capturing them again.

✔ Pokeballs will not be removed if a Catch fails.
Pokemon owned by NPC's cannot be caught.

✔ Rare Pokemon can only be caught within the Safari Zone. To gain entrance into the area you must purchase a Safari Ball and Tag from the SuperPoké Mart.

All of the above rules apply to Safari Catch threads except horde ecounters. You will never encounter a horde inside the Safari Zone. Keep in mind that some of the stronger wild Pokemon may take more effort to capture.

SuperPoké Mart

Wild Pokemon List

Safari Zone

Area's of Interest


Become a Wild Pokemon


Starter Pokemon

All characters begin with 2 Pokemon. Each can have 4 moves from start to level 50 and an ability of your choice that isn't a hidden ability. Check your Class Bonus for additional move perks.

Imported Pokemon

Imported pokemon can only bring 8 moves with them, unless you manage to get a Macho Brace. Then may have up to 10 moves. If your previous site allowed Pokemon to learn moves they do not naturally learn in game, you will have to remove those moves. If this brings your Pokemon's move set below 4 moves you may add natural moves from start to level 50 to them until they have a total of 4.

Remember, Imports can only have 10 pokemon with 5 of them being Rare.Their rare pokemon cannot breed and should be posted in the G.E.S Imported list.

Carry Limit

You may only carry 6 Pokemon on your person at any given time, unless you have asked permission from your thread partners to go over the 6 carry limit.

★ You can have as many Pokemon as you want in storage.

★ Battle Note: No battles will total more than 12 Pokemon 6 each for 1v1.

Moves & Move Slots

All Pokemon start out with 4 natural move slots from start to level 50.

A pokemon can have 8 move slots total but can rise to 10 if you purchase the Macho Weight from the SuperPoké Mart.


All Pokemon can start with 1 ability of your choice that is not a Hidden Ability.

You cannot change the Pokemons Ability unless they are Evolving. When a pokemon Evolves then you may have the choice to change its Ability but not to a Hidden Ability.

TM, HM, Tutor & Natural Moves

TM's, HM's, Tutor and Natural Moves can be purchased at the SuperPoké Mart for •30 PD. You can purchase a move of any level, the only time you are limited is on your application where you cannot exceed a level 50 Natural Move.

Changing Moves

Each Pokemon can only learn 8 moves with a Maximum of 10 moves providing you purchase a Macho Weight. If you want a different move for your Pokemon or to change your Pokemon's Move sets you need to make the proper move purchase. However, once you've edited the Pokemon they unlearn the move you've changed.

So if all 10 slots are filled and you decide you wanted to add in a new TM or HM or Tutor Move you would replace one of your current moves with new one. Same goes for someone with all 8 slots filled if they don't want to purchase the Macho Weight.

Hidden Abilities

The ONLY TIME Hidden Abilities are allowed is if they are from the CATCH of the WEEK Pokemon. These Pokemon are found listed in the site Calendar and in your EPOCH DASH. Catch of the Week let you chose everything for your Pokemon including the option for it's Hidden Ability. You can breed Hidden Abilities.

SuperPoké Mart

Breeders Bazaar


The Evolution of Pokemon happens in either 0, 2 or 3 stages. These stages are sometimes triggered by special stones or items junction with the Evolution serum. For the majority they will only need the serum to evolve.

Evolving Stipulations

Hatched Pokemon must wait 2 weeks before Evolving

Newly caught Pokemon must wait 7 days before Evolving

Recently evolved Pokemon must wait 7 days before Evolving once more.

All Pokemon prior to evolving must have been used extensively in one way or another. Whether this is through battle, training, performances with coordinators, plot use, or friendship. the Pokemon must demonstrate an appopriate level of activity for Evolution. For more details on evolution variations check out this thread.

When evolving please post a link to the thread in the Mod Summons as well as remove the Evolution Serum and items from your inventory.

Evolving Moves & Abilities

All moves, apart from the four you chose on the application, must be purchased through the SuperPoké Mart for 30•. No moves are gained from evolving.

You cannot change the Pokemons Ability unless they are Evolving. When a pokemon Evolves then you may have the choice to change its Ability but not to a Hidden Ability.

Evolving Serum

SuperPoké Mart is where you'll be heading to purchase these. The type of serum you'll need depends on if your Pokemon has 2 or 3 stages of growth.

INITIAL EVO ....... 35•

Are purchased for Pokemon with 3 stages such as the Turtwig evolving into Grotle.

FINAL EVO ....... 70•

Are for achieving any Final Form of all Pokemon. Examples are Pokemon that only have 2 stages such as Magikarp to Gyarados. You need to buy a Final Evolution. The same with Grotle evolving into Torterra.

ITEM INDUCED EVO ....... 50•

Are for Pokemon who's final form evolves with an Item or Stone. There are only a handful and these Pokemon must have the Item Induced Serum and the item or stone that is required. All of which can be found in the SuperPoké Mart. Their final forms depend on that special Stone or Item so be sure to check and see you have enough to buy what's needed.

All Stones and Items are listed in the Pokemart along with which Pokemon Evolves with them to eliminate the guess work.


Mega Evolutions are a ultimate form of certain Pokemon who have a strong bond with their trainer. These Evolutions cannot be purchased. They are found in Nue's Mega Stone Ruins in the form of Mega Stones & Key Stones. Both of which are needed in order to achieve a Mega Evolution form.

The knowledge of how to use these stones is kept under wraps so you'll have to discover their purpose by speaking to one of EPOCH's active knowledge bearing characters or NPC characters, either through a mission or thread.


Mega Stones cannot be transferred to or from the correct holder: Thief and Covet do not take the Mega Stone, Knock Off does not remove the Mega Stone, Trick and Switcheroo fail, Fling and Bestow fail, and Symbiosis does not activate. Embargo and Magic Room also cannot prevent the use of Mega Stones to Mega Evolve Pokémon.

Mega Stones are not consumed upon use, but only one Mega Stone can be used once per battle.

Key Stones

Are the trainer stones needed to allow Mega Stones to work. Without them your Pokemon can do nothing. Key Stones, because of how rare they are to encounter, cannot be bought from the Pokemart. They too can only be found through random encounter by searching in Nue's Megastone Ruins. The Key Stones however cannot be sold back to the mart. They can only be given or sold through trade on the board. You only need one Key Stone to activate any Mega Stone.

Using Mega & Key Stones

Mega Evolutions take up one of your three attack/defense moves when battling.

They can only be used on one Pokemon once per thread.

You can't activate another Pokemon until the first reverts back to normal. Meaning that you're stuck with the Mega Evolved Pokemon until the thread ends.

SuperPoké Mart

Nue Ruins


You need a Breeder or be a Breeder in order to foster your pokemon. Breeder's can be found in the Breeders Bazaar, and information about their class is found in the Guidebook under Breeder's Guide.

Breeders have 2 open slots available per week.

Egg Rolls

Breeder pairings can result in 0-3 eggs. A 0 Egg Result means you've used one of your breeding spots for the week. If a breeder gets 3 common eggs from one breeding the Mother of the eggs get a full 2 weeks off.

Eggs take 7 days to hatch and can begin to evolve 2 weeks after hatching

Hatched Eggs are limited to the Level 50 and below natural move rule.

Breeding weeks run Sunday to Saturday making the following Sunday the start of the New Breeding week.

Don't worry if you're confused as to when the rest periods are over. A mod will provide all information to you in the result post.

Extra Breeding Slots

A well established breeder must have 50 successful breeding transactions in order to unlock their 3rd Breeding Spot. Mods will keep track of your Breeding's in the Egg result posts. Once you reach 50 you may breed 3 times a week.

There are also ways to get extra breeding slots to go further than the previously mentioned three slots through events.

Rare Breedings

When breeding Rare Pokemon, they have a 2 week rest period. Unless the result is 3 eggs. Rare Pokemon with 3 eggs require an additional week of rest totaling a 3 week rest period.

In order to keep the value of Rare Pokemon high a Breeding Tax is placed upon their eggs. Breeders and/or the Owners will be required to pay a Tax on a Rare Pokemon being bred. They can split the cost with the customer and pay the tax equally or individually. No taxes need to be paid if the breeding results in 0 but you still require a 2 week rest period.

Rare Tax Prices

0 Eggs ....... 2 week Rest period
1 Egg ....... •20 2 week Rest period
2 Eggs ....... •30 2 week Rest period
3 Eggs ....... Free but require 3 week Rest Period

Imported Pokemon

Any Imported RARE pokemon are no longer able to breed. These pokemon should also be marked with in their Storage and Profiles so owners remember and breeders or buyers of said pokemon understand that they will not be able to breed the pokemon.

License & Permits

Beginning Breeders who have less than 10 breedings can purchase a Rare Permit from the Pokemart for 20•.

Seasoned Breeders in order to use Rare Pokemon need to seek out one of the Pokemon League Members for paperwork. In order to obtain a Permanent Rare License or (PRL) Breeder's will need to RP out a thread where the meeting and documentation will be filled out. The Pokemon League Member will make the purchase and give the License to the Breeder.

Egg Moves & Hidden Abilities

Egg Moves cannot be purchased. Egg Moves are chosen based on the breeder pairing. If you want your Pokemon to have a particular egg move make sure you have it bred with the correct father and/or mother. At most a Pokemon can only start with 2 egg moves that the either parent had at the time the breeding was done.

Hatched Eggs are limited to the Level 50 and below move rule.

Hidden Abilities can only be naturally found on Swarm Pokémon in the wild. In order to create a non-swarm Pokemon with a Hidden Ability (HA), you must find a parent that already has the HA that matches the offspring of the breeding. Also, the HA must be identical to the offspring's first evolutionary stage's HA, not one of the offspring's evolved forms. Any Pokémon that has another ability that is the HA of another Pokémon would not be able to produce a HA Pokémon. A HA parent is required to create HA babies.

SuperPoké Mart

Breeders Bazaar

Breeders Guide

G.E.S List


P.I. Is short for Pokemon Info, this is a section dedicated to answering questions members have asked about Pokemon and filling in the blanks of what certain abilities do when it comes to gathering/gaining Items. Please note that we support the Manga and use some game aspects to help give the forum a rounded feel that allows for expansion. This section is continually growing so keep an eye out for updates.

Mind Control, Possession, Hypnosis...etc

Mind Control There is no Mind Control in the manga that allows a Pokemon to directly take over another Pokemon or Human Being. Items such as the Red, Blue & Jade Orbs, were specifically meant for the purpose controlling of Pokemon. These orbs back fired because the Legendaries were too powerful therefor the Orbs purpose was reversed. The Jade Orb however was flawed and never worked right from the start.

Possession Only a few Ghost types can do that. The Gastly line as Gastly, Haunter are able to outright possess a Pokemon or an individual. Gengar cannot, Gengar latches onto someones shadow like a parasite and drains them of life force gradually getting weaker until they die or are booted out of the persons shadow. Yanmask is the only one who can possess an individual but they must be wearing the mask for the possession to work.

Hypnosis Is a move that several different types of Pokemon can learn. Hypnosis makes you fall asleep.

Telepathy While many Pokemon can read minds if allowed to, only a few can directly communicate with humans as if "speaking". A few, like the Ralts line, can share emotions and images, but cannot directly "speak" to their trainers - most Pokemon on this list will fall under such a category, with only Alakazam being able to "talk" via telepathy.

Hover over the image to see if it's just the single Pokemon or the entire line.
speaking via dreams via dreams hypnosis

memory erase/manipulation clairvoyance/divination


Gothrita & Gothitelle Both have the ability to forsee future events however permission from the other party involved must be obtained beforehand.

Who's Missing

A few of the Psychic Pokemon are in fact missing from the list. This is because they aren't really known for anything but are still Psychic merely by type. They've been left out since they can't really do anything on the list.


Pokemon, in order to Teleport to another location that cannot be seen needs to have been there first in order to move to the said location. The longest distance a Pokemon can Teleport is cross region. That's going to take a lot out of your Pokemon and they can only Teleport Region distances. You cannot go from Wizen to any of Nue's outter islands. The distance is too great.

If they can see where they are going they can do so because they are able to visualize a known location.

Teleporting for battles is because they can see where they're going, should have no problem and be able to spam Teleport for a certain amount of time before they are worn out.


Mind Bullets We're kidding. But Telekinesis, is where Pokemon are able to move objects with their mind. The user makes the target float with its psychic power. The target is easier to hit for three turns. The Pokemon listed below are able to do this. Hover over the image to see if it's just the single Pokemon or the entire line.

Abra Line ♦ Espeon ♦ Spoink ♦ Chimecho ♦ Munna Line ♦ Gothita Line ♦ Solosis Line ♦ Elgyem Line ♦ Mr. Mime Line ♦ Natu Line ♦ Ralts Line ♦ Slowpoke Line ♦ Starmie ♦ Girafarig ♦ Exeggcute Line ♦ Smoochum Line ♦ Meditite Line ♦ Lunatone ♦ Solrock ♦ Baltoy Line ♦ Beldum Line ♦ Bronzor Line


Rotom it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, it has the ability to possess the motors of certain appliances and change forms.

♦ Changing forms must be threaded out.

♦ Changing formes mid-battle is not allowed.

Special Moves

These are Moves that either have an item giving ability or some other sort of power that isn't considered the norm on the board.

Sweet Scent Is an intoxicating sugary aroma that harshly lowers opposing Pokémon's evasiveness. But also attracts wild Pokémon if used on the board.

Pay Day Works as an attack but you won't earn any dots from it. Instead you can Pay Out dots into the Attack by 5 to increase its effectiveness. But keep track of how much you pay out into the move. Because what you pay into once you evolve your Pokemon goes towards its Evolution and Move sets.

Pick-Up Has In Character usage but cannot find items that are found in the SuperPoke Mart.

Dream Eater Dream Eater only works on sleeping enemies, it's like the Psychic's version of Giga Drain. When it comes to using the move and battling Dream Eater, Giga Drain and Drain Punch all require you to successfully attack a target, and for that attack to land. For Dream Eater the target must be asleep. If the attack is not successful, you don't heal. If it is successful you heal for half of the damage that was caused. For healing moves that require the Pokemon to attack another Pokemon, the move can be used multiple times in a battle due to the fact if the attack is stopped or misses, the attacker will not be healed.

Pressure In the RP setting disables all moves at 80 power or higher after being used once.

Recover, Synthesis, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Soft-Boil, Slack Off, Milk Drink, Roost, Heal Order, Rest: Do NOT do any damage. They can only heal. These types of healing moves that Pokemon can just use on themselves, can only be used 3 times per battle.

Protect, Detect, Endure can only be used 2 times per battle.

Mind Reader Pokemon can read minds with Mind Reader, but only as long as the move is active. They cannot, implant anything in their target's mind.


Mega Stones

Mega Stones are originally responsible for Kalos Pokemon experiencing another Evolution called Mega Evolutions. Mega Stones used to only be found in the Kalos Badlands but now have been discovered in Nue Ruins by searching or digging for them.

The knowledge of how to use these stones is kept under wraps so it'll be discovered by either speaking to one of the knowledge holding characters on EPOCH or NPC characters or partaking in a Mega Knowledge Mission.

Key Stones

Are the trainer stones needed to allow Mega Stones to work. Without them your Pokemon cannot Mega Evolve. Key Stones, because of how rare they are to encounter, cannot be bought from the Pokemart. They too can only be found through searching in the Nue Ruins. You only need one Key Stone to activate any Mega Stone.

Using Mega & Key Stones

Mega Evolutions take up one of your three attack/defense moves when battling.

They can only be used on one Pokemon once per thread.

Mega Swipe

Mega Stones cannot be transferred to or from the correct holder: Thief and Covet do not take the Mega Stone, Knock Off does not remove the Mega Stone, Trick and Switcheroo fail, Fling and Bestow fail, and Symbiosis does not activate. Embargo and Magic Room also cannot prevent the use of Mega Stones to Mega Evolve Pokémon. Mega Stones are not consumed upon use, but only one Mega Stone can be used once per battle.

You can't activate another Pokemon until the first reverts back to normal. Meaning that you're stuck with the Mega Evolved Pokemon until the thread ends.


Must Know Read & Agree

Reading just this portion automatically binds you to EPOCH's rules regarding combat and acts to ensure a degree of fairness, or at least a general standard for members to go by. EPOCH does not operate on Protagonist equaling auto benefits. If you cannot stand to lose or be bothered to communicate with your thread mate(s) to reach an agreement of how the battle is going to go then Do Not Engage in combat. This applies to those who wish to exploit the rules, loopholes or members for thier own personal gain. Failure to do so will result in removal of board privlieges.

Communication between one another is vital for a battle to go smoothly. What is listed below will be the site standard, members are free to deviate from them to a certain extent as long as all involved have agreed to it - the battle guide is more of a set of guidelines, meant to make things easier for all involved rather than a concrete set of rules. Official League battles, however, which include gym challenges and tournaments, will always require the use of a battle calculator, Smogon's being the preferred choice. Depending on future events this guide may be subject to change.

Before Battle

Decide with your thread mates if there is any special Rules you want to add-on or change like "No using more than one attack" or "No ice types". Figure out whether this is a single, double, triple, etc. beforehand.

Move Sets per Turn

Most battles are limited to a select number moves. All moves per turn cannot be offensive in nature, but offensive moves may be strategically used in a defensive or manuevering manner. These include attacks, defensive or status related moves such as stat boosting techniquies, moves that inflict status ailments, damage causing moves used to block, dodges, etc.

Single Battles will go by three moves
Double Battles will go by four moves
Triple Battles will go by six moves
The battles from this point on increased by two moves per turn.

Moves such as Hyper Beam will take up three of the available moves in a turn - one to attack, and two to recharge, regardless of whether it hits or misses. Moves such as Solar Beam and Razor Wind will likewise require three moves, although the two charging moves leading up to the attack may be spread out over multiple posts.

Moves like Dig and Fly will make the Pokemon difficult to hit and have no limit to how long a Pokemon may be considered "evasive", no other moves may be used during that time, and they will still have up to three moves total - two spent preparing the attack, and the third and final to attack.

Finally, moving around the field in general is a free action, dodging attacks is not and will take up one move out of a post for every attack evaded.

Combo Moves

While you are not allowed to make up new moves, you are allowed to combine legitimate moves in order to add more power to your punch or use typically offensive attacks as means of defense. Use this to your advantage.

If you find the battle going unfairly or feel that your opponent is cheating, talk to them first. Contact a Staff member if you fail to come to an agreement.

Set In Stone

A few things that have been traditionally abused are mentioned here. Do not let the percentages and math scare you. If you know how much a 1/4th is, which is a quarter 25 cents out of a dollar, it give you a visual scale of how much damage your Pokemon took or is taking on.

Status ailments

Most status ailments do set amounts of damage over time - if a Pokemon is hit by one, they're not going to be much tougher than the next Pokemon unless they've got an Ability working in their favor. Burn, Poison and Leech Seed, will always do 1/8 damage by default - a Pokemon hit by these will have a total of eight turns (or less if already damaged or taking damage) to turn things around before they faint by default.

Burn detract from 1/8 of a Pokemon's maximum stamina per turn - in addition, the Burn status also weakens a Pokemon's offensive capabilities by half. Fire types cannot be burned, and Pokemon with the Ability Heatproof will only lose 1/16 of their overall stamina per turn.

Freeze prevents a Pokemon from moving or otherwise acting, and has no set limit to the number of turns it can last - the affected Pokemon has a 20% chance of thawing out each turn and damaging Fire type moves will cure the affliction.
Ice types cannot be frozen.

Paralysis lowers a Pokemon's effective movement speed to one quarter of what it would normally be capable of, detracting from overall maneuverability. In addition, a Paralyzed Pokemon also has a 25% chance to become completely paralyzed every turn, during which they will be unable to attack, defend or move.

Poison detract from 1/8 of a Pokemon's maximum stamina per turn. Also, Pokemon who are Badly Poisoned, usually by a move like Toxic, are subject to a slightly different damage criteria - a Badly Poisoned Pokemon will lose 1/16 of their stamina on the first turn, with each turn afterwards adding an additional 1/16 damage (after 8 turns a Pokemon will lose half of their maximum stamina in a single turn). Poison and Steel types cannot be poisoned.

Sleep prevents Pokemon from moving, attacking or defending unless a move such as Sleep Talk or Snore is used. This status condition will last for 1 to 3 turns unless the ability Early Bird is in effect, reducing it to 1. Certain moves can prevent Pokemon from Sleeping.

Volatile Status

Confusion will cause the afflicted Pokemon to harm itself 50% of the time, preventing it from attacking or defending during that turn. Attack buffs will increase the amount of self inflicted harm.

Infatuation will prevent a Pokemon from attacking 50% of the time. Genderless Pokemon are immune.

Curse will cause an afflicted Pokemon to lose 1/4 of their maximum stamina each turn.

1 Hit KO's

OHKO's are a rare sight on the battlefield. In the manga Giovanni was the only one to use an OHKO successfully. No one else has been known to use these special moves because they are notoriously difficult to handle properly and there's no way to counter if it does hit. On EPOCH we bent the rules slightly.

OHKO's can only be used once per battle unless you have purchased a Dire Hit.

Dire Hit

Buying a Dire Hit from the Poké Mart for •60PD gives you a second time at using a OHKO and guarantee's a hit. However, you can only use it once in battle.

Stacking ailments

Status ailments will not stack due to the degree of which they can turn a battle. A Pokemon can only be put to sleep, poisoned, burned or frozen, not any combination of any two of those or more. Lesser status ailments like infatuation, confusion, etc., can stack over those and each other, though.

Moves don't always work exactly as they do in the games manga, or the other continuities look them up on Bulbapedia if you feel the need to and by all means get creative. While they might not work exactly as they do in other media, most techniques in Adventures still retain most of the secondary effects that they do in the games (Rapid Spin being the only method capable of removing Leech Seed, for instance). Get creative!

Healing Moves

Healing moves will be limited to a single use per turn only, and a total of three uses per battle - they will always heal half health and no more, unless moves like Morning Sun are used in conjunction with Sunny Day.

Detect and Protect, likewise, will be limited to two uses per battle, and the second use will fail if used immediately after the first time.

Problematic Moves's

This is where moves that define power play and how they are used in RP will be listed. Moves with a ➲ explain how they are used on EPOCH RP.

Aerial Ace - By definition, is "An extremely fast attack against one target. It can’t be evaded."

Aerial Ace Just because a Pokemon can't dodge a move under normal circumstances doesn't mean they can't see it coming. While a Pokemon may be physically incapable of moving out of the way in time, there is nothing stopping them from intercepting the incoming attacker with a move of their own, or attempt to block the move should Aerial Ace be used from a distance. Similarly, priority moves can beat Aerial Ace's speed if the attacker begins the technique from a distance. While useful, Aerial Ace is not unbeatable, with several other move combinations likewise able to beat or neutralize it.

For any moves that you do not see listed in the 101, please refer to Battle Ruling FAQ's to see if the information you need is here, or post if you need another ruling added.

Status Effects, Ability's & Typing

If a pokemon is frozen, paralyzed, sleeping or immobilized in any other way, they're not going to avoid the attack.

The only way they can avoid is if the Pokemon has the Ability Sturdy. Sturdy will automatically block any OHKO move. The only exception is if the attacking Pokemon has the Mold Breaker ability. Mold Breaker allows moves to hit regardless of the defending Pokemon's ability.

This can also be switched around. If the defending Pokemon has Sturdy, and the attacking has Mold Breaker, Mold Breaker will bypass Sturdy and allow the OHKO to hit.

Typing only comes into play once. Fissure won't hit Flying types or Pokemon with Levitate.

Accuracy & Evolved Pokemon

The accuracy of these OHKO moves have 30% chance of hitting their target. This is because they're powerful but slow and inaccurate. If you want an OHKO to land you're going to need to set the battle rp up around it to make sure it hits.

Another draw back is that OHKO's do not work on a Pokemon who's of a higher level than the one performing the OHKO. The Pokemon must be of the same level or lower for an OHKO to cause damage.

A fully evolved Pokemon can OHKO a Pokemon of any level.

Psychic Pokemon

While a few are able to telepathically communicate with their trainers, that will only be limited to a handful, most of them fully evolved. Not all Pokemon were created equal, and many of them tend to specialize in particular skills - the Natu line, for instance, is well known for its rumored prophetic abilities, but they lack the teleportation abilities of the Abra line. Gallade, while far more physically able than most Psychic types, lacks the telekinetic power of its counterpart, Gardevoir, or of the Bronzor line. Wobbufett, while a Psychic type by nature, is unable to use telepathy, telekinesis or teleportation. In short, just level the power of their skills according to their evolution and reputation - a Natu is not going to be teleporting itself and a passenger on a regular basis.

Beating the Odds

Anyone can have a fighting chance to dodge or nullify the OHKO or Dire Hit by purchasing a Revive that costs •50PD from the Poké Mart. The Revive will restore the Pokemon to half health, despite the attack hitting it's target.

SuperPoké Mart

OHKO's Bulbapedia


Battle Coaches are fellow members and fans of Pokemon who understand the concept of RP battling and are able to build and use a Pokemon's Move sets effectively when challenged by an Opponent.

These coaches will Rp with you one on one giving you OOC tips and pointers of what you're doing wrong or could improve upon in your post against them. The object of Battle Coaching is to make anyone who's uncertain or skiddish about battling more savvy and less scared to do it. Not belittle you into never wanting to accept a challenge again.

It's not a big deal on EPOCH to lose a fight, you're not going to be made fun of or looked down upon for it. Battles are for plot and character growth. That's it. There's no prize or status or award for being a winner.

It's not about being the worlds greatest Bad-Ass here. In fact we don't approve of Bad-Ass know it alls, they're annoying and destroy the concept of fun in a challenge. Battle Coaching is all about meeting these character's and members and building up, not only a story, but skill in Rp Battling. No longer should any member be afraid of a Challenge or Tournament. Everyone should get their chance to open up their own can of whoop-ass on someone.

Battle Coaches are also considered a Trainer class but must be unlocked ICly. More information can be found on them in the Guidebook under Pokemon League.

Become a Battle Coach/Gym NPC

Battle Frontier

Battle Coaches Guide

To the All Mighty Bad-Asses

You've already agreed to EPOCH's Battle rules from the start of reading the battle section of the 101. While the RP format on EPOCH favors skill over all else in battles, pokemon types are still important to consider. Super effective moves are going to hurt quite a bit more than others and they should be treated as such. Moves that aren't very effective type wise still do damage. If a Pokemon gets hit enough it's going to faint after a while, regardless of how effective the moves used were.

Once more nothing can dodge forever and few moves are guaranteed to hit. We're hoping that most people will strike a happy medium in battling and use common sense when trying to determine whether a move will hit.

No one is invincible.

Battle Frontier

Battle Zone




This is a small section of Pure clickable awesome that our members have found across the net, to help better assist people with battling and which moves or types are Super Effective against one another. These are used in Gym Battles to make sure there's a visual involved and by those who can't get past just battling for fun.

Marriland Hover over anything for instant battle information. <

Damage Calculator with Gen 6 Added

Another Damage Calculator with Gen 6 Added

Damage Calculator It's not 100% but if you leave everything as is but fill in the blanks you can get a better idea of what sort of Damage your Pokemon took. It's pretty helpful for those just starting out with battling and helps keep things fair if you're worried of going overboard.

Super Effective Chart Middle Row is your type. LEFT side things that can hurt you. RIGHT side things that you can stomp on.

Resistance & Immunity Chart Middle Row is your type. LEFT side are things that barely hurt you. RIGHT side are very good at making you cry. If the name is Bolded it doesn't even tickle.

Gen. 6 Type Match ups Preparing for Generation 6 here's a chart that explains type match ups.

Thank you for reading the EPOCH 101


Post your mod summons here and link us to it! Evolution requests or lengthy requests should be linked from Lengthy Requests or Evo Requests.
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